French Maid Romance/Cocktail Apron - Extra Large


Oo La La! Sexy and Classy, Fun and Fancy Women's French Maid apron of black lace on black satin edged with ruffled black satin ribbon on black satin ribbon with double faced satin long neck ties and and extra long waist ties. Topped with a beautiful white lace on white satin small apron edged with white and gold ribbon and lace trim. Both aprons are lined for a soft and smooth finish.  Also available with ruffled white satin ribbon over ruffled black satin ribbon edging as well as ruffled gold and white lace over ruffled black satin ribbon.  

Size S is approximately 22" long, 13" across at waist, 14" at bib top and 18" across at widest
area below the waist. 

Size M approximately 26" long, 17" at bib top, 14" at waist, 21" at widest area below the waist.

Size L is approximately 30" long, 17" at bib top. 15" across at waist, 23" across at widest area below the waist.

Size XL is approximately 34" long, 18" at bib top, 16" at the waist and 27" at the widest area below the waist.